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Daughters of the Faerie Tree

the bright knowledge

Our gatherings will take place on tranquil Isle La Motte, the northernmost island on Lake Champlain in Vermont. You will feel like you’ve stepped out of the modern world yet have access to the amenities that serve us so nicely. You'll stay at Faerie Tree Cottage, either in the guest cottage in back or the main cottage.

The guest cottage has 2 bedrooms to sleep 3 and the main cottage has 2 guest bedrooms. Both cottages are beautiful and welcoming and you will sleep in luxury on a comfortable mattress topped with soft flannels and down comforter in the cold weather, and sumptuous Italian sheets in the summer.


A medicine woman deserves a little luxury, don’t you think?

The 3-plus acres offer a potager garden where vegetables, herbs and flowers are grown using biodynamic methods put forth by spiritual scientist, Rudolf Steiner. Time spent in the garden will include working with the devas of the plants and the soil, along with ritual to engage the spirits of the land.

You are encouraged to walk the 7-circuit labyrinth and lose yourself in its magic. The property is home to numerous songbirds that will charm and delight, and the island itself is free from noisy distractions. A perfect haven for a faerie college of sorts! 

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A 60' diameter, 7-circuit stone labyrinth graces the southeast corner of the property. This extraordinary image was taken on a clear day - no rainbow or light ray was visible to the naked eye. It is surrounded by 28 rosa rugosas, which will eventually form a circular hedge of fragrant white blossoms. 

Labyrinths are ancient portals that beckon us to walk their circuitous pathway inward. Standing in the center, we take the time to pray, to vision, to get our thoughts in order, and to enter into ritual. Walking  the labyrinth on a full moon night is absolutely wondrous. 


Isle La Motte Surrounding Scenery